Android Injector

Android Injector

Inject files and applications directly on mobile through a USB cable
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Install apps on your Android phone based on the ADB connection while pushing it directly to the data partition. Installs all the applications in silent mode and displays no notifications. Pushes multiple files to the file as well and it requires a USB cable because the connections are done this way.

As you probably already know, installing applications on an Android device is quite difficult to do when the ubiquitous Google Play Store is not used. Installing apps from external sources is simply facing a lot of restrictions and problems, as the Android OS rightfully considers this type of installation a risky one for the safety of your device. Anyway, there are plenty of cases and situations when you’d want to be able to install apps on your Android phone or device without having to get them through the Google Play Store. For such cases and situations, this tool has been created. Android Injector offers an easy and simple way of installing apps on an Android device.

Its interface is very simple and neat. Anyone can use this minimalistic tool as it comes with no additional menus and windows besides the main interface. It was created for the sole purpose of allowing the installation of APK files on a connected Android device and that’s exactly what it does, with no additional functions and settings. Anyway, this might be a downside for those people that would expect more from an application of this kind, such as to include file management features or more thorough file transfer and synchronization functions.

In conclusion, Android Injector is a very simple tool that represents a handy solution if you want to quickly and easily install apps on your Android phone or device without having to get them through the Google Play Store. Anyway, if you want more than just exactly that, look somewhere else.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very lightweight and resource-friendly
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Free


  • Sometimes it fails to install the apps even if all conditions were met (USB debugger mode enabled, etc.)
  • A bit too simple and minimalistic
  • The interface cannot be resized or customized
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